The fall of my life…

POSITIVE THINKING EVOKES MORE ENERGY, INITIATIVE & HAPPINESS The fall of my life… Back to blog The temperature is mild. The sun is peeping out. The hours are becoming lighter. Couples walk hand in hand. Pregnant bellies are sticking out everywhere. It’s spring. And here I am, in the middle of the fall of my […]

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Sister solidarity

WHAT WE IMAGINE WE CREATE Sister solidarity Back to blog Today is International Women’s Day. And today quite a few women has backed me up in my fight. It is SO wonderful to know that my fellow sisters are out there supporting me, especially now when life is so unbelievably tough. Thank you to Fighter-mama […]

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Humiliated, exhausted and truly hurt by life…

WHAT WE THINK WE BECOME Humiliated, exhausted and truly hurt by life… Back to blog I thought I had hit rock bottom. But apparently, I wasn’t all the way down in the deepest of darkness just yet. My boyfriend has suggested couples therapy so we can move on. I really want to go. One of […]

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A Relationship in Pain

WHEN WE CHANGE THE WAY WE LOOK AT THINGS – THE THINGS WE LOOK AT CHANGE A Relationship in Pain Back to blog It has been a few days since I’ve last written here on the blog… I would like to tell you why… The reason is I hit rock bottom, as I described in […]

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When Everything Falls Apart

THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS When Everything Falls Apart Back to blog I’m just sitting here sobbing. I have fallen into the deepest abyss. And I can’t see the light. It’s not “just” the loss of an unborn baby. It’s much more than that. I don’t know where to start. What is the meaning of life? What […]

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Som krukken af guld for enden af regnbuen

YOUR HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON YOUR ABILITY TO CHOOSE ONE THOUGHT OVER ANOTHER Status Back to blog Will I ever find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? The status now looks like this: Single – Insemination with donor sperm 2010 1st insemination – negative. 2010 2nd insemination – pregnant – spontaneous abortion […]

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Betrayed by my body

CHANGE YOUR LIFE – CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK Betrayed by my body Back to blog I can’t help feeling really stupid when I think of all those times I’ve been sitting in a restaurant – acting all holy – and asked for my meat to be well done and with a glass of non-alcoholic […]

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Till Death Do Us Part…

Til døden os skiller

REALITY IS THE MIRROR OF YOUR THOUGHTS Till Death Do Us Part… Back to blog I arrived at the Copenhagen Fertility Center for my safety scan on Monday February 16th at 3.15pm. I was now in week 10+4. I had a really bad feeling…but I tried to hide it. Mostly out of consideration for my […]

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Spontaneously Pregant – Well, The Natural Way

CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS WISELY Spontaneously Pregant – Well, The Natural Way Back to blog My boyfriend and I have now been at the fertility treatment process for about a year and we’ve been through five inseminations and one IVF-treatment with no luck. Fertility treatments are not exactly super romantic and they’re not always easy to […]

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The end of 10 years single life

10 års singleliv slutter

WHAT YOU FEEL YOU ATTRACT The end of 10 years single life Back to blog August 2 2013 I meet my wonderful, fantastic and amazing boyfriend, “P”, while staying at Oure Athletic College. Only 3 months later, we moved in together. “P” lived in an apartment which he sublet, but the lease only ran till […]

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